Wild Scents Christmas Hamper


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This hamper is for a guy that always looks sharp and neat. Even if he does not need to go anywhere, he is well-dressed. Whenever he goes out, he never misses an opportunity to dress well for the occasion. His shirts and pants are neatly pressed and match their colours and patterns, and his footwear is polished and creaseless. His hair is neatly combed. He is ready for whatever.

When it comes to hygiene, the he is at the top of the game. He knows body care so well that he might even have his own preference for products. Luckily, Dior has an amazing line of body care products for men. Gift him a Sauvage Dior black soap and deodorant as well as an aftershave lotion.

In this hamper:

  • Sauvage Dior Black soap
  • Sauvage Dior Deodorant
  • Sauvage Aftershave lotion