Book - Operation Jeedara


This book is a tribute to the Great Australian Bight’s rich marine ecosystem and the crucial crash-campaign to help protect them. Sea Shepherd joined a coalition of community groups striving to rescue the Great Australian Bight from BP’s plan to drill for oil in middle of the Bight, in waters 2,500 metres deep, 3,000 metres beneath the seabed in one of the most turbulent regions of the world’s oceans.

The Great Australian Bight is rich in beauty and biodiversity, boasting the worlds most significant southern right whale nursery, as well as humpback, sperm, blue and beaked whales. The objective of the expedition was to showcase the Great Australian Bight and highlight its wilderness. Rarely has such an environmental mission as Jeedara boasted success so swiftly. The fight for the Bight is not over. Other oil and gas exploiters are queuing to drill in the deep waters of this magnificent marine precinct. Yet, thanks to the Wilderness Society, Sea Shepherd, the Mirning people, The Bob Brown Foundation and the other groups and individuals who joined this fray, no future incursion on the Bight will begin with Australia so unaware of how much it stood to lose.

Please send copies of this Jeedara success story as far and wide as you can to lift the spirits of those who think saving the environment is all too hard and to raise the understanding that we can all directly gift the Earth and its oceans by supporting Sea Shepherd and its gallant defenders into the successes of the future.

100% of the profits from this item are donated to Gowings Whale Trust to fund selected research projects focused on marine conservation.