Ecoya Mini Reed Diffuser-French Pear


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Need to unwind after a long day? Do it in a luxurious but not-too-expensive manner with Ecoya Reed Diffuser. Diffusers are known for its many health benefits and unlike candles or air fresheners, the molecules released into the surroundings are meant to purify air, not overload it with unhealthy chemicals. There are no fire risks, and you can choose from plenty of scents depending on mood, preference, or occasion!

This Sydney-based company has one goal in mind: create gorgeously scented products to envelop your home with feel-good fragrance. Each Ecoya Reed Diffuser creation has been made with the most rarefied combination of essential oils to let you enjoy all aromatherapy benefits in subtle, yet detectable ways.

Spicing things up in the bedroom? Giving a clean, delightful scent to your kitchen? Want to make your living room a warm space for loved ones and guests alike? You should always have Ecoya on a slow burn.