Day-Tripper Dad Hamper


Day Trippers love the outdoors. From hiking up the mountains to going down the river trails, this type of dad is the definition of a literal happy camper. He comes prepared with all his camping gear, always ready for emergencies and resourceful in every way.

Amp up his day-tripping gear with a multi-compartment outdoor backpack, so the load is lighter when all essentials are packed in one go. What else should he stuff in his new bag? Some compact binoculars, a compass, a keyring flashlight, and an insulated water bottle. Don’t forget to add in some energy gels to boost him through the day.

In this hamper:

  • Pack and go backpack from Kathmandu
  • Silva ranger compass from Kathmandu
  • 8 x 21 Compact binoculars from Kathmandu
  • Rechargeable keyring Ledlenser
  • Sports energy gel x 2
  • Sea Shepherd drink insulated bottle