Fruit and Veggies Couples Box


4 pces Bananas

2 pces Pears

1 pce Lemon or 2 pces Lime*

1 pce Telegraph or 2 pces Lebanese Cucumbers*

2 pces Oranges

1 pce 1kg Carrot

1 pce of Pumpkin

2 pces Onions (Brown, White or Red)*

2 kilo Potato (Brushed)

2 pces Small Red Apples

1 pce Broccoli(head) or 1 pce Zucchini*

1 pce Pineapple

1 pce Cherry Tomato or 2 pce Tomato (Roma or Round)*

1 pce Avocado

1 pce Kale or Silverbeet or Lettuce*

1 pce Gold Sweet Potato

3 pces Mandarins

Drumhead Cabbage (1/4 kilo)


*The “or” option is our ability to make substitutions depending on availability, quality and seasonality. Items are subject to change with availability and without notice.