Bath Body Set by Shibora - Milk Bath & Coconut Body Scrub


This is a beautiful set by Shibora - Handcrafted in Coffs Harbour 

It contains:

1 x Cleopatra Milk Bath

1 x Coconut Body Scrub 

What a beautiful gift for you or for a friend.


Cleopatra Milk Bath

Relax in a warm milk bath surrounded by the smell of organic honey and organically grown flowers.

Your skin will feel so lovely and soft. 

Cleopatra Milk Bath also contains Organic Coconut Oil to moisturize the skin and Epsom Salts to ease stress and relax the body

Coconut Body Scrub 

Start your day with a scrub and smell delicious!

Coconut Body scrub will leave your skin so lovely and smooth.

In the shower wet your entire body. Take out a small handful of the scrub and with your hands massage gently in a circular motion. Wash off and enjoy your silky smooth moisturised skin.

Organic coconut oil helps smooth and moisturise the skin. The saturated fats, acids, vitamin-E and proteins that are naturally found in coconut oil are some of the ingredients that make coconut oil good for the skin.

Handcrafted in Coffs Harbour Australia on a picturesque farm