Go Bananas – The Banana Battle’ Terms and Conditions

  • The Banana Battle promotion is all about the search for the next amazing banana dish, that will bring its creator fame and fortune! A creative, delicious banana dish worthy to be on The Depot Café menu, available for customers to enjoy. 
  • Prizes: The prize comprises 2 parts:
  1. A $300 voucher for use on Coastbeat Marketplace @shop.coastbeat.com.au
  2. The winning dish placed on The Depot menu for a minimum of 1 month.
  • All prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  • The promotion consists of three key stages:
  1. 19th Sept – 16th October 2020: Create and submit your banana recipe, photo and name of creation.
  2. 19th Oct - 25th Oct 2020: Voting phase, community votes on their favourite to get to top 3.

Mon 26th Oct – Announce top 3 to respective entrants. Announce top 3 to the public on Friday 30th Oct.

    1. Thursday 5th Nov Bake/Cook off in centre and judging
    • Winner announced at event in centre
    • Age of entrants is limited to those aged 6 years old and up.
    • All entrants need to make themselves available for the live cook/bake off in Coffs Central on Thursday 5th November 2020. Failure to appear in this stage of the competition results in forfeiting their place in the final 3. In this event, the next person who received the most votes will step in.

    Entry phase

      • Entrants can send their entries in from the 19th Sept 2020 – 3pm on 16th October 2020.
      • The entry needs to include banana in the recipe and can be baked, fried, cooked, raw – prepared any which way for a delicious banana dish.
  • Entry mechanic is via email
  • Send your recipe, photo and name of your creation, as well as your name and contact details to [email protected]
      • The photo of your creation needs to be high-res and at least 500px wide.
      • The recipe can be submitted in a word doc, excel or pdf.
      • In the message field – you need to include the following information:
        • Entrant Name
        • Age
        • Mobile|Phone
        • Email
        • Name of your Creation
        • I have read and agreed to the promotion terms and conditions.
        • I (parent name) provide consent for my child to submit their entry (only required for children aged under 18 years of age).
    • The entrants recipe, photo, title of creation and name will be published on the competition page on shop.coastbeat.com.au shortly after it has been received by email.
    • You are able to enter as many banana creations and recipes as you like.
    • The entrant guarantees he/she has not lifted the recipe straight from a cookbook without altering the recipe in any way that makes it their own creation.
    • The entrant assumes responsibility for all recipe and images that may be subject to copyright.

    Voting phase

    • Voting is available to the public in 2 ways:
    1. By the mechanic of ‘’likes on the competition webpage on shop.coastbeat.com.au – each like is counted as 1 vote.
    2. Paper votes within Coffs Central shopping centre at the Concierge desk 
    • Entrants who have entered their banana creation (recipe, photo and description) are encouraged to rally votes for their entry – get active on social media, at school, work and in the community. 
      • The Marketing team at Coffs Central will supply official logos for their use.
    • You can only vote once per entry, but once across multiple entries.
    • The Centre Management team reserve the right to reject any entry that appears to have voting manipulated digitally.
    • Votes on the web page and paper votes will be counted and collated to determine the 3 entries that received the most votes. These votes will be verified and once determined, the decision of the top 3 is final.
    • Mon 26th Oct – Coffs Central Centre Management will announce the top 3 to those 3 entrants. 
    • Centre Management will announce top 3 to the public on Friday 30th Oct.
    • There is a 2nd tier of prizes for the top 5, who will each be awarded a $50 voucher for use at the Coffs Harbour City Council Growers Market, held on Harbour Drive on Thursdays.

    Judging phase

    • The competition is a game of skill and the final 3 entries as voted by the community will be judged by an expert panel selected by the Coffs Central Centre Management team and their decision is final.
    • Judging criteria:
      • Creativity
      • Taste
      • Presentation 
    • All entrants need to make themselves available for the live cook/bake off in Coffs Central on 5th Nov, between 9am and 5pm.
    • Should a minor be in the top 3, an adult will need to accompany them on the day of the bake/cook off. A minor is someone aged under 18 years.
    • Failure to appear in this Judging stage of the competition results in the top 3 entrant forfeiting their place in the final. Should this happen, the next person who received the most votes will step in (4th place and thereafter).
    • If one of the finalists cannot be contacted within 3 days, the next highly voted on entrant will be selected and contacted to take place in the judging phase.
    • The 3 finalists will each take part in preparing, cooking/baking and presenting their creation infront of the judges and a live audience.
    • The 3 finalists will be announced on the Coffs Central Facebook page (@shopcoffscentral), Coastbeat facebook page and will be included on the Coffs Central and Coastbeat websites (www.coffscentralshopping.com.au). Their names could also appear on In centre TV screens and kiosks, promotional Voting materials, radio and in any PR.
    • The top 3 finalists agree that they will be recorded on film for Coffs Central promotional purposes, for use on our socials, in centre advertising and so on. The top 3 finalists also agree that should any news station pick up on the story, they too could be at the bake/cook off event recording the event for the news.
    • The winner will be announced on the day of the bake/cook off, at the event.
    • The winning recipe will be provided to the Depot Café Manager and Chef for them to prepare and have available at the Depot Café on their menu for a minimum of a month.
    • The winner can work together with the Marketing Manager on the wording on the menu, and the winner’s name can be included.
    • If the prize is unclaimed within 3 months of the winner announcement (date tbc), the runner up will be awarded the prize on 5th February 2021 and notified within 2 business days by email or phone and published on the Coffs Central website. 
    • All recipes entered may be available for download off the shop.coastbeat.com.au website and by entering, each entrant is thereby granting permission for this to happen.
    • The name of the entry, as well as the photo of the creation, cannot be offensive, rude, derogatory or discriminatory in any way.

    Other terms and conditions

    • Directors, management, employees of Gowings and Pacific Shopping Centres and their immediate families are not permitted to enter the competition.
    • Coffs Central retailers, their staff and immediate families are able to enter.
    • The promoter of this competition is Gowing Bros Ltd. Suite 21, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009.
    • Centre Management reserves the right to change the T&Cs at any time, should the need arise.
    • Entrants accept and agree that your creation – its recipe, photo and name will be broadcast across a range of channels, including (but not limited to) social media, YouTube, Coffs Central and other partner websites and Coffs Central Shopping Centre.
    • All entries become the property of The Promoter. When an entrant enters the competition, the entrant is automatically agreeing to receive electronic communications from The Promoter or The Prize Provider. They will be entered into a database and The Promoter or the Prize Provider may use the entrant’s names, addresses, email and telephone numbers for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice and without any fee being paid (unless otherwise advised by the entrant). This includes agreeing to join the Pacific Coast Club mailing list.
    • By entering this competition entrants confirm that they allow their details to be used and shared for this purpose. If entrants no longer consent to their details being used for future marketing purposes, the entrant should contact The Promoter. Any request to update, modify or delete the entrant’s details should be directed to The Promoter.