The BBQ King Christmas Hamper


This is the absolute must gift for those who are always ready for a cookout. He enjoys the smell of smoke coming from the backyard grill. Slabs of meat are his specialty. He knows every known cut and ingredients perfect for that outdoor barbecue. Out there on the grill, he is King. He has dominion over the backyard when it’s Cookout Sundays.

These holidays, expand his cooking palette with Aussie BBQ recipe book. Gift him an assortment of BBQ sauces, like Coopers Ale, Stubbs Hickory Bourbon, and Perustija Ajvar, for different occasions and for different guests. Add something new to his meat knowledge with various slices of beef. And when barbecuing over a fire, safety is always important, so always have a towel and potholder ready.

In this hamper:

  • The Aussie BBQ Bible from Kmart
  • Stubbs Hickory Bourbon Bar-B-Q Sauce from Fresco
  • Perustija Ajvar Spicy Sauce from Fresco
  • Cured and Airdried Beef Slices from Fresco
  • Peanut Cracker MIX from Fresco
  • Santa Suit Apron from Kmart
  • Coopers Ale BBQ Sauce from Fresco